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Community Services - Detroit

All areas of Detroit are not equal. We know that many people are underserved by government, so to fill the gaps, we provide a variety of community services. We are committed to making life better for anyone who needs help.

SEED Food Distribution Center & Clothes Closet

As part of SEED's community outreach efforts, the SEED Food Distribution Center and Coat of Many Colors Clothes Closet provides emergency food and clothing. Since August 2014, approximately 10,000 Detroit residents have received emergency food through our monthly mobile pantry at Gardenview Estates.

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Housing Counseling & Education

SEED offers a pre-purchase and post-education housing counseling program committed to increasing homeownership and decreasing foreclosures while providing financial education for all residents of Detroit, Michigan. SEED, a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, is committed to accelerating the drive to more inform, educate and prepare underserved potential homebuyers and to test innovative approaches to qualifying and preparing new default-resistant homeowners.

Family Financial Fitness Program (FFFP)

The Family Financial Fitness Program is an intensive yearlong program focused on moving families and young adults to financial stability for a secure future. Working sessions will include information on credit basics, money management and budgeting, investments, insurance basics, retirement planning, savings trends, how to save on your utility bills, estate planning, and much more.